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Notice to Local Collaborator



Monitor access activities:


Perform due diligence with your counterpart to ensure compliance with material transfer regulations:

  • Local collaborator needs to inspect and verify the actual samples before allowing your counterpart transfer biological resources out of Sabah.
  • Local collaborator needs to fill in the Material Transfer Declaration Form and submit to SaBC by post or email to sabc@sabah.gov.my as soon as the samples are packed and verified. It is the responsibility of  local collaborator to ensure the declaration is submit to SaBC. Therefore, you are required to work closely with your counterpart during this process  (effective from 14th September 2017)
  • If your counterpart decided not to transfer the materials after obtaining the transfer licence, kindly inform us in writing before the transfer licence expires.
  • There are six (6) terms and conditions (T&C) stipulated in the transfer licence (or additional T&C subject to Council’s decision). Kindly advice your counterpart to adhere to the listed T&C and to ensure they have complied with any other applicable written laws governing the transfer of the said material from Sabah to the importing countries- T&C no. 4, including but not limited to Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997, Wildlife Regulations 1998, Plant Quarantine Act 1976, import permit required by importing/ requesting country, International Air Transport Association (IATA) packing instructions and any other applicable laws. (more information)