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Notice: Access Licence Application

  • Kindly be informed that if your research area(s) involve marine water/ marine park in the East Coast of Sabah, a written security clearance from the Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM) and/or National Security Council (Kota Kinabalu branch) is mandatory.

  • If your research involves aerial survey/ drone/ unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), a written consent from (i) State Internal Affairs & Research Office, Chief Minister's Department of Sabah and (ii) Department of Civil Aviation, Malaysia is mandatory. Note: Include support letter from resource manager(s), date and time of operations/activites, flying radius and coordination, flying altitudes, drone specifications, operation purpose, company details (if any), drone pilot information (for operating drone above 20kg you need to provide Private Pilot Licence/ Commercial Pilot Licence).

Click here for the list of documents required for access licence application or you may check out the FAQ section for more information